How To Give Your Puppy The Healthiest Start To Life.

How To Give Your Puppy The Healthiest Start To Life
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Puppies make you smile just by seeing them, Adorable, cute, and funny,
Puppies give us unconditional love.
In honor of National Puppy Day (March 23rd), I would like to share with you
a simple method to return some of that unconditional love to your puppy, and
in time giving them a healthy foundation as they grow. What's that one thing,
you ask?
It’s simple: feed them nature intended with a species-appropriate raw food
Raw Feeding Puppies
One of the best ways that you can help puppies with, to let them grow up
with a good health, is by providing them with a varied, balanced and raw diet.
When you plan for food diet, you start them on the path to chronic health,
because the ingredients and toxins cause inflammation,
rob them of vital digestive enzymes, more than this, and because kibble
contains a lot of flat and protein for puppies.
On the other hand, food diets have the good amounts of fats, proteins and
natural calcium for your puppies
How Much To Feed
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In general, when dogs are less than 1 years old, they don't require any special
ingredients, proteins or calcium, but they need the same amount of calcium
and phosphorous as adults dogs.
If you know your puppy's adult overage weight, you should feed your puppy
about 3% of that weight every day, if you don't have any idea about that
weight, so you should feed your puppy about 10% of its weight.
How Often To Feed
There is a direct relation between your puppy's age and how often you should
feed it each day, for puppies less than 4 months, they will need 4 meal each
As an example: if your puppy's ideal adult weight is 50 pounds, so you should
feed your puppy 1.5 pounds per day (50*3%=1.5), which means 0.375 pounds
for each meal (1.5/4=0.375).
For puppies from 6 months to 1 year, most take two meals per day, so our
puppy's meal will be 0.75 pounds per day (1.5/2=0.75 pounds).
Of course, these are just guidelines, if you see that your puppy start vomiting
bile, give them an extra meal.
The Raw Diet Itself
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A raw meal for a puppy might have a little bit of liver, gizzard, heart and
a chicken drumstick in one meal, then in the next meal give them ground
chicken and a little bit of green tripe.
“Reading” The Stool
You should watch your puppy's tool to be sure that they getting the right
ratios of meat, organs, and bones. the stool must be firm but moist, so if you
feed them too much bone, their stool will be powdery, and if you feed them
too much organ, the stool will be tarry and very dark.
Transitioning Your Puppy To Raw
Is your puppy on a processed food diet? now you will need to transition them
to raw. generally, it's a quick and simple process because they haven't yet
built up the toxins in their system that adult dogs have.
For puppies, you should wait 4 to 5 hours from their last kibble meal, then give
them their first raw meal. give them the same protein until their stools are
normal, then you can start introducing variety.

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